1 week until the big trip and why i’m bricking it!

Yep that’s right it’s just 1 week now until we (me and my girlfriend) embark on our epic adventure to Southeast Asia. So how am i feeling? Excited? Yes. Nervous? Of course. But most of all it doesn’t even feel real right now and probably won’t until we are actually on that plane.

Its not been easy sailing so far. When I speak to many of my friends and relatives they all seem to think that we must have come into a small fortune to be doing what we’re doing. That or we are totally bonkers because we aren’t buying a property yet or don’t have jobs. But the things they haven’t seen is the endless tiring months where we’ve been saving for this for almost 2 years, the having to say no to buying certain things and just generally all the nonesense of sorting our lives out, plucking the courage up to quit our routine lives and jobs and actually do this thing.

And i think all of those things amount to the ‘bricking it’ feeling i now face. I suppose i kind of fear it all going pear shaped, what if the trip isn’t going to live upto my expectations – cause you know we’ve just spent a long time saving up and waiting for this! But thats just me – i’m unfortunetely a classic ‘what if’ thinker, yes a pessimistic chap really. But luckily my girlfriend is the complete opposite so i like to think we balance eachother out.

Also the time has now come where instead of working towards our goal, we’ve now got to the stage where we we are actually living it – we have got the budget, we’ve moved home and now we’re ready to go. It’s kind of hard to get used to it, but we have also worked hard for it so we just have to keep reminding ourselves of that. Also the fact that we made this decision together to do this trip and we accept whatever happens we can look back now and say at least we gave it a go.

So our first stop will be the bustling city and central point of SEA- Bangkok, then onto the North of Thailand and Chiang Mai so we will be keeping you updated with how we get on on the road – that in itself is quite exciting!!

1 week to go – the official countdown is on!!

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