Packing It All Up. The travel fantasy in reality!

I imagine many people sit there at work daydreaming about walking out the office, telling everyone to politely ‘go fuck themselves’ then high five the receptionist on their way out and look forward to sending everyone a postcard of themselves sipping margharita’s on the beach. Well yeah come on…we all think like this  from time to time right? Unless you’re one of those who pretends to love what they do, working your ass off all day to pay for the supermarket run, sitting in traffic for 2 hours commute a day to pay for your audi you cant really afford and then do it all over again and again. But that’s life, we grow up, we move on, we get greater responsibilities. And that’s called growing up.

But if you are still serious to actually do the long term travel, it won’t be how you probably imagine it to be. Take my situation for example – I actually really liked my work, i didnt hate anyone so there were no ‘fuck you’s’ to dish out when i left my good, stable job, no high fives with the receptionist and of course it was not plain sailing. It was tough. There was the moving out of our apartment which let me tell you was fucking stressful in itself – how much shit can one couple have in a single apartment? A lot is the answer. Then there is sorting vaccinations – there is a lot of them so unless you are going to wrap yourself in cling film the entire trip i suggest you get them. Oh and then the finances, ohh yes that little number to contend with! You’ll be cutting back on a lot of fun stuff, and in our instance moving back with our parents (which has been absolutely fine cause they’ve been brilliant to be fair). We got lucky to have such supportive families.

So as a dubious traveller i was nervous the whole time, and i still am so that fantasy of giving it all up, telling your boss to shove that report up their arse, is not how this thing goes. In the end you’re doing it because you want to do it, it will be tough, most likely you will leave in a normal dignified way.

The fantasy is that everyone will be jealous, you will cruise to absolute happiness and bliss in an instant but the reality is opposite, people are genuinely happy for you, and will support you but deciding to do it wont bring instant contentment…that is something we all have to find elsewhere in life.

Just remember that if you have a routine, normal life and are thinking of long term travel, think it through cause it can be a tough journey to get there but one that will be worth it in the end.

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